JoAnne Windsand

JoAnne Windsand; photographer, artist, illustrator and composer of free verse, lives in rural Sky Valley. A long career as a Nurse and adversities in life nurtured a deep appreciation of the fragility and preciousness of life. This developed into passion for life and art. A need for healing found photographing nature and painting a healing pathway. JoAnne hopes to share through her work the peace that she has found on her journey.

Windsand’s works have been exhibited in the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Artist Council Exhibitions, the Open Desert Music and Photographic Showcase at the Museum’s Annenberg Theater, the College of the Desert and a Senator’s office. She has illustrated a Coachella Valley author’s books and also taught art at Indio Juvenile Hall under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance’s More Than Art Program. Currently she is working on a series of landscape photographs and ephemeral art; ‘Sand, Bones and Words’.


By JoAnne Windsand


As the sun sets,

the colors in glory before me

an egret stands in silent repose

I am filled with a quietness

standing beside the sea on Infinity’s edge

Nature a salve for the wounds

and adversities of Life

Problems that seemed insurmountable

a moment before

seem small and insignificant

in the focus of a reality

where time and space are infinite

and I, a part of the whole


Photograph by JoAnne Windsand 

(Egret on Watch)