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Connecting our Community Through the Arts!

      Mission and Purpose

 The Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs will focus its work on creative placemaking, which describes how art plays an intentional and integrated role in community  planning and development. This brings artists, arts organizations, and artistic activity into the suite of  placemaking strategies. We believed that  in order to accomplish this goal, we, as citizens, must stay locally informed regarding community developments and become a part of the decision making.

We want to help advance, promote, support and expand artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity for the benefit of individuals and the community.


AFDHS can play an important role in developing a plan. AFDHS brings artists, arts organizations, and artistic activity into the suite of placemaking, using strategies pioneered by cities all around the world.  In practice, this means having arts and culture represented alongside sectors like housing and  transportation, which will bring about an overall healthy community. This "Change" will require planning  and investment from our entire community


Developing a Better D.H.S. for our Residents

 Our Vision

In our city of D.H.S, there are very few opportunities for someone to see and experience great contemporary art. There are also few opportunities to take some kind of workshop in some art form. If you’re an artist in Desert Hot Springs, there are few opportunities to get support for your practice. We hope to be that new opportunity. 

The Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present, in an environment that is responsive to all types of art, while being accessible to a public that ranges from scholars to young children.

Our dream is to one day build a facility for every area of art. The facility that we envision, will serve as a laboratory for the next generation of artists and culture-interested people; a platform to showcase future leaders—be they painters, educators, scholars, designers ,or curators. It’s a fluid project. We want to get our entire community involved, for this will be... “Your place to enjoy and learn”.  

Enriching People’s Lives Through the Arts! 


President's Message...

If WE want change in our city, WE must ask for it and demand our voices be heard. By joining A.F.D.H.S., we, collectively will work with our leaders to make the best choices in creating a more Artful place to live.  Everything is possible when WE work together as a team instead of against each other.

Contact Us and become a part of Uniting Desert Hot Springs for the Arts. 

Janice Gough


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