Bernard Stanley Hoyes

Internationally Renowned Artist

Born in 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica. Bernard started his artistic career at the age of 9 in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. Bernard studied at the Junior Art Centre of the Institute of Jamaica.  

Bernard's work is heavily influenced by his Jamaican heritage and in particular the afro-christian revival cults still popular among some segments of the island’s population. Infused with strong primary colors and painted intuitively, his work dramatically captures the mysticism and majesty of the religion. We are offered a bird’s eye view of the spectacle of bodies caught in spirit possession, the ceremonial rituals and gestures - a rare anthropological treat.

Bernard captures the image of Afro-Caribbean ancestral spirituality through rhythmic movement and vivid colors. Bernard has won awards of excellence, nationally and internationally.  


Now Bernard permanently resides at the top of a mountain in Desert Hot Springs. His studio and home, Sycona Mesa, is the creative vortex that allows his work to flourish.  

"The images I convey symbolize a culmination of these ancestral echoes brought to classical form. They are contemporary, eternal in spirit and stand as a praise to our existence  - past, present and future"                                       Bernard Stanley Hoyes