November Artist of the Month

Mike Sullivan


Mike Sullivan was born in Aspen Colorado but raised on the West Coast.


He currently resides in Desert Hot Springs, where after retiring from the Army after 26 years, he now does woodworking, scroll saw and carving. He gets inspired by the things he imagines. Mike works from his shop at home, O Sully Wood Crafts. 

He makes from 600 – 800 toys per year to be given to under privileged children at Christmas time.

He has won prizes at Loma Linda Veterans Annual Craft Fair. He has done various street fairs and Loma Linda Crafts for Veterans. 

If you need a personalized piece of  artwork give Mike a call at (760)272-6268

January Artist of the Month


Tysen Knight

Tysen Knight’s love for Art has always been in his DNA. As a teenager Tysen would express his art thru graffiti on walls and vacant buildings. He also sprayed painted and airbrushed jeans and t-shirts for classmates and local neighbors for money.


Tysen’s parents became alarmed with his method of expressing himself artistically. So, they brought him art supplies and encouraged him to pursue his art in more traditional ways. His parents entered him into an Art Competition (NAACP ACT-SO PROGRAM) Tysen placed 2nd in the State of N.J. for his oil painting of an African Queen. Qualifying him for the National Competition in Houston, Texas. This experience gave Tysen exposure to all different types of art styles from around the Country. Street, Fine, Pop, and Urban Art defines Tysen’s artwork.


Tysen’s artwork touches the subconscious of his collectors. Tysen Knight artwork is recognized all over the world.

February Artist of the Month


JoAnne Windsand

JoAnne Windsand; photographer, artist, illustrator and composer of free verse, lives in rural Sky Valley. A long career as a Nurse and adversities in life nurtured a deep appreciation of the fragility and preciousness of life. This developed into passion for life and art. A need for healing found photographing nature and painting a healing pathway. JoAnne hopes to share through her work the peace that she has found on her journey.


Windsand’s works have been exhibited in the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Artist Council Exhibitions, the Open Desert Music and Photographic Showcase at the Museum’s Annenberg Theater, the College of the Desert and a Senator’s office. She has illustrated a Coachella Valley author’s books and also taught art at Indio Juvenile Hall under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance’s More Than Art Program. Currently she is working on a series of landscape photographs and ephemeral art; ‘Sand, Bones and Words’.

March Artist of the Month


Joan Hangarter

Inspired by her own intuitive abilities since the age of ten, Joan of Angels helps bring higher energies and spiritual self-revelation to people around the world through her art, public speaking and consulting.


Joan of Angels, also known as Dr.  Joan Hangarter, D. C., is a spiritual teacher, soul artist, intuitive coach and author, who helps people remember who they are, overcome their challenges, and step into their destiny. When you work with Joan of Angels, you will find your visions clear, obstacles dissolve, and renewed courage to follow your callings and, hear what your guides and angels want you to know now.

April Artist of the Month


Deana Boney

Deana Boney is a California native being born in San Bernardino, Ca. She has always painted and abstract doodled since she could hold a pencil. Both her parents were and are artistic so it’s in her blood. This past couple of years she started to paint again, for mind therapy and to help her release the stress in her mind and body. She has LUPUS and Fibromyalgia and Graves’ disease, in June she’ll be 13 years cancer free. 


She is a mom of 3, on temporary disability. With her health jumping all over the place and amazing people in her life, she had to make self-change happen and she has through art. 

May Artist of the Month


Bijan Masoumpanah

Bijan Masoumpanah Studied art in London, England. He also studied Graphic Production at Portland State University. He Moved to Southern California in 2000.
Winner of many awards including:
International Graphic and Photography Competitions.
First Place at Palm Springs Chalk Painting Festival.
First Place at Indio Chalk Painting Festival.


He works in the field of Graphic Design, Photography, Painting, Illustration, Calligraphy,
Murals and Sculpture. Bijan's focus of work is in Public Art.

June Artist of the Month


Dave DeGeus

Dave DeGeus was originally interested in a career in fine art and pursued that dream in 1964 by taking art classes at the celebrated Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. In 1975, he turned his attentions toward a career in commercial artist and graphics, and advertising designer at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia. But he was soon invited to attend the prestigious Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. where he studied advertising design and filmmaking. After attending art school for some time. 


Dave returned to California where he entered the motion picture industry and enjoyed a long career in motion picture post-production before returning to school at the California State University, San Bernardino where he earned Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and in Computer Information Management. Here, his artistic background served him well in areas such as product conceptualization, development of business models, creating mock ups, logo design, technical and instructional illustrations, graphic arts, and computer-generated artworks. 


Other creative endeavors include business writing, copy writing, script writing and instructional writing as well as writing directions for various processes. He has written several short stories and has two e-books in publication and on “Where It Began” and “How We Were”.

July Artist of the Month


Lisa Longnecker

Lisa Longnecker is originally from Ohio and moved out to Laguna Beach in her teen years, where she was introduced to jewelry making by a friend and did it as a hobby before she turned into a part time business. She moved out to the desert about 3 years ago and is now a resident of the Coachella Valley. She has been doing jewelry for a long time and has done jewelry shows.



If you are interested in some of her jewelry give her a call at (949)301-2465 or email at


Lisa does beautiful jewelry!

August Artist of the Month


Lamar Allen Waters

Lamar Allen Waters is a trained dancer, actor, model, stand-up comedian, and painter. Lamar is called a renaissance man by those who come to know him. Growing up with natural inspiration all around him, he learned to make interesting artistic choices that were pleasing to the eye while balancing color and composition. Being gifted and experienced in performing arts, his love of creating with paints developed as an afterthought. Not formally trained in art he creates according to mood and emotion using the elements of nature in concert with his own techniques. 


To be earth-friendly, he creates as often as he can with recycled and found materials. Lamar's studio is currently in Desert Hot Springs, California USA.  The L.A. Waters Collection represents artwork from 2010 to present. His creativity will enhance the atmosphere of your home or business. 

September Artist of the Month


Susan Abbott

Susan Abbott is a recent transplant to Desert Hot Springs from Joshua Tree. 

Susan mostly paints watercolors though lately she has done several pen and ink drawings in a pointillist style. She is very drawn to night skies, northern lights and flowers (especially irises and roses). A lot of cosmic creation, outer space and female form/goddess imagery crops up in my work.  She is also drawn to dreamscapes, mythical beasts, and has gleaned much inspiration from the dot paintings of Aboriginal Australian artists.


She has shown her work at the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours, the Joshua Tree Public Library, the Simeon Den Gallery (Cathedral City) and out of her own house gallery at Dancing Wind Studio. 

Her blank greeting cards are available at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center Gift Shop and through her at the studio. 


Please visit and like her Facebook page Susan Abbott Watercolors or follow her on Instagram @smtabbott to keep up on her news and information. 

October Artist of the Month


Cynthia DiMaria

Cynthia calls herself an environmentalist artist. The reason is because most of her artwork is made from recyclable materials. She uses whatever materials she can get her hands on, from discarded house paint, canvases and clear coat (for her it’s all about the clear coat). It makes the color pop. Cynthia lives in Desert Hot Springs California, she has been here for a year and a half. Cynthia paints, makes sizzle videos and create jewelry it’s something that is in her DNA. 

Being creative is a force in her being that has to be expressed. She feels a vibration when she is in her creative zone, she can’t stop, and doesn’t want to stop, it makes her feel free. 


Cynthia was a makeup artist for ten years. She shot with the top agencies and photographers. She started painting and dabbling in photography, and has had numerous shows in NYC, Atlanta, New Orleans, and L.A. 

By the way Caravaggio, Warhol and Banksy and Diane Arbus are her favorite artists. Cynthia would like to thank this wonderful kind couple Rebecca Lasik and her partner Todd Reed, without their support and encouragement, she would never have had this opportunity.  


She is very happy that the Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs made her their artist of the month. 

Cynthia can’t wait to do some more events!

If you are interested in any of her artwork or jewelry you can contact her at